Swimming Glasses Antifogging Agent Swimming Goggles Lens Prevent Mist


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Product:swimming antifogging agent
Use for:diving goggles,swimming glasses
Function:lens prevent mist

Method of use:
Drip 1-2 drops in the inside of the lens,use sponge daub evenly.
After use,rinse the lens with clear water,Don't wipe the lens with other goods.

Matters need attention:
This antifogging agent is special for swimming glasses use.
if skin and eyes abnormal after use,please stop using and immediatelytreatment after rinse with water.
Do not put in direct sunlight and high temperature places.
Away from the infant,children use it under the guidance of the adult.
When in use,not mixed use with other antifogging agent.
Package included:
1xantifogging agent